Growth in the premium spirits category sales from 2016 to 2020


Gallons produced per year to be considered a craft distiller

100 million

Cases of imported spirits sold in the US in 2019


projected growth for craft spirit sales over the next 5 years

About Our Spirits


  • Vermouth is a fortified wine that is aromatized with various herbs and botanicals.
  • The first production of Vermouth dates back to the 18th century in Italy, and was often enjoyed as an apertif.
  • Popular vermouth cocktails include the Spritz, Negroni, and Manhattans.

Japanese Gin

  • The first Japanese gin was only created in 2006, and there are still only around 30 producers of gin in Japan.
  • In 2018, Japanese gin experienced 600% export growth.
  • Japanese gin often uses native ingredients like Yuzu, Japanese sweet potato, herbs and tea that offer a smooth, distinct flavor profile.

Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu is a Japanese distilled beverage that is traditionally made with rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, or brown sugar.
  • Although the pronunciation and some production processes are similar, it is quite different from Korean Soju.
  • Traditionally shochu was enjoyed slightly diluted with water, but the spectrum of aromas and flavors lends itself to a multitude of cocktails. Bartenders are taking serious notice of this unexpected spirit.