Rihei Ginger

Rihei Ginger, a meticulously handcrafted, single-distilled Honkaku Shochu from Japan. This one-of-a-kind shochu is made from local ginger from Miyazaki Prefecture. With 38% alcohol genshu this Japanese craft spirit contains 20% ginger, 30% rice, and 50% barley. Named after the distillery’s founder, Rihei Ochiai, this 4th generation, family run distillery honors the traditions of their 100-year-old past while taking on a modern twist for the 21st century. While this spirit is new to the US, it has already received noteworthy attention by the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition by winning bronze medals in the shochu category and for overall packaging design aesthetics. Ochiai started producing this ginger shochu after local farmers heard a buzz of Ochiai’s success with other unique local ingredients and came to the distillery requesting he craft a new shochu made from their amazing quality ginger.

Tasting Notes

Refreshing ginger notes on the palate with a tinge of spice and citrus that comes from the koji rice and barley.

Cocktail Suggestions

Any craft spirit enthusiast will enjoy sipping on Rihei Ginger, and it is also excellent in a wide range of classic and modern cocktails.

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The Distillery

Ochiai Distillery

Established in 1909, Ochiai Distillery is located in the Miyazaki prefecture, which is also known as the heart of shochu country.

• Ochiai is a 4th generation, family-run distillery that honors the traditions of their 100-year-old past while continuing to evolve as an award-winning shochu producer in the 21st century. 

• While most shochu is made from sweet potatoes, barley or rice, they focus on crafting high quality, small production shochu made from locally grown produce like ginger, pumpkin, bell pepper, and yomogi leaves. 

Distillery Name:
Ochiai Distillery
Distillery Founded:
Distillery Location:
Miyazaki Prefecture
Distillery President:
Ryohei Ochiai